Tranformers G1: The Animated Series (Complete Collection)

Tranformers G1: The Animated Series (Complete Collection)

Transformers: G1: The Complete Collection (and extras)

The cartoon (along with the Marvel comics) set up the basic story of Transformers that most other incarnations were to follow: two warring factions of robots on the planet Cybertron leave in search of resources. The factions crash-land on Earth and, millions of years later, begin their battle anew in Reagan-era America and across the globe.

Once established, the cartoon rarely took any steps to upset its status quo. Plots generally centered on a Decepticon plot or invention of the week, which would be used to gather energy or "Defeat The Autobots FOREVER!", and the Autobots' efforts to stop the plan.

Most of the time the Decepticons were forced into retreat, and the Autobots drove off victorious. At most, a new character or team was added to one side or the other. Plots became a bit less formulaic during Season 3, though character death and true plot upheaval remained a rarity.

Through its 98-episode run, this series took viewers around the globe and to many strange places and times: across the alien Cybertron, the Earth's prehistoric past, the Earth's then-future of 2005, the Metropolis-like society of Nebulos, and more.

One episode in particular is worthy of additional note. "The God Gambit" takes place on Jupiter's Moon: Titan. According to Japanese folklore (and wild translation mix-up between English and Japanese), our word for "God" equals their word for "Titan", however our word for "Titan" equals their word for "Giant Robot". Normally a "God/ Deity" can't be a "Giant Robot" (at least not typically a "mortal one"), but it is what it is. The English Language (at least the North American variation) has it own weirdness as well.

The reason why this series is called "Transformers G1 (or Generation 1)" is because when the next "English animated Transformers" story was aired (Beast Wars), there was some confusion as to what toy line (and/ or comic) storyline was being marketed. The fans of this series chose the moniker "G1" (or "Generation 1"), and Hasbro pretty much gave up calling it anything else forever onward.

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