Lord of the Rings (Animated) Trilogy

Lord of the Rings (Animated) Trilogy

The Lord of the Rings! (Animated Trilogy)

This animated trilogy starts out with (Rankin Bass) "The Hobbit", in which an otherwise lonesome "shut in" Hobbit goes out on an adventure with people (dwarves) that he just met, but are being vouched for by Gandalf, an old friend of Bilbo's.

In this animated feature, the "songs" are also to be found at their corresponding scenes in the book. For some reason, the dwarves had one musical number in the "Live Action", more recent movie, however even the Orcs (Goblins) had their moments in the animated form.

When Bilbo confronts Smaug the Dragon, Smaug tries to get a "straight answer lie" out of Bilbo, for when the Great Dragon's "high beam eye lights" go on, Smaug learns that Bilbo is NOT a "magic user" (or at least, not casting Invisibility anyway). Bilbo, despite being from The Shire, knows that a "direct lie to a dragon" will (or should) void out Bilbo's being unseen. However, Bilbo's "I was over here the whole time, you idiot Dragon" was just plain idiocy on Bilbo's part.

This set also includes Ralph Bakshi's "Lord of the Rings" (basically comprising of The Fellowship of the Ring and the first half of The Two Towers), and "Return of the King" again by Rankin Bass.

(One reason why Tolkien didn't have the Great Eagle simply fly the One Ring into Mt. Doom right away could very well be IF that was done in that way, there would be no story, minimal plot, and etc. It's difficult to be "Lost in Space" if and when you arrived at your main goal destination within the first hour of story.)

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