Alice in Wonderland (1985)

Alice in Wonderland (1985)
p>Alice in Wonderland (Live Action, 1985)

The first part opens with Alice helping Mother set the table for tea time. Although thankful for her daughter's help, Mother tells Alice that she is still not grown-up enough to join the adults at tea. Alice goes outside to see her sister (played by Gregory's real-life older sister Sharee Gregory), but gets bored of reading a book with no pictures.

Her sister tells her that she will understand when she grows up, but Alice thinks she is already grown up (after all, she's seven and a half). While playing with her kitten, Dinah, the White Rabbit comes running by, saying he's late. Wondering where he is going, Alice follows him and tumbles into his rabbit hole. (Unlike the book and most movie versions, this rabbit hole appears to be dark and spooky.)

Alice finds herself in a hall with many doors, and all of them locked. On a table is a key which Alice can use to open one small door. Yet the door is far too small to even fit her head in. A small bottle appears labeled "Drink Me.", she comes back to the table and puts it to her lips.

Doing this, she shrinks to the right size for the door, but can no longer reach the key to open it. She then sees a small box which she opens and finds a little cake with the words "Eat Me," on it. She then grows to over nine feet tall. Frustrated with the thought of being stuck nine feet tall she begins to cry, her tears fall on the floor and flow under the cracks.

The White Rabbit appears, but frightened of the giant Alice runs away dropping his fan and gloves. Using the fan makes Alice shrink again to a size small enough to crawl into one of the cracks, which takes her diving in her pool of her own tears.

Also included in this collection (Part 1, Alice in Wonderland) is Alice through the Looking Glass. (which is Part 2). This made for TV special takes many twists and turns, many (but not all of them) faithful to their original books.

It appears that neither Alice in Wonderland nor Through the Looking Glass have any CGI or other "special effects" with them. The TV Specials seem to take place on mayny "stages" (or rather, their close enough to look real locations), and a huge portion of the work is done by the "audience's imaginations or cast reactions to hidden horrors".

When Alice meets Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, for example, they are not "twins" nor played by the same actor. Lewis Carroll said in "Through the Looking Glass" that they "looked like but weren't twins", but the illustrator of the published book drew them as though they were exactly alike and twins from the start.

When Alice meets the White Queen, she is older than her more "recent appearances"; while Alice has grown older the White Queen has grown younger. This is because the White Queen "experiences time backwards, and has a memory that works both directions". It is rumored that the White Queen was "born when Wonderland died", and "died when Wonderland was born".

The "Through the Looking Glass (Part 2)" does contain one slight error (when compared to the book), Alice is supposed to be an adult, reading to her daughter of "Wonderland" and then falling through the mirror to a "place not just our room the other way around, but somewhere else entirely".

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