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Kletca Imperial Media FAQ

(frequently asked questions)

Technical Issues with products listed (as far as the DVD/ Discs go):

There is a 30-day Warranty on these products, that guarantees replacement so long as the *original product* is too damaged to be of use, however it must be damage that *arrived in this condition*, and the *original product MUST be returned in same condition that it was shipped*, and this does not guarantee refund. (Although, if all else fails and your product can't be replaced due to *technical issues only*, then a refund is possible/ likely/ etc.) Kletca Imperial Media does not pay for *return shipping*.

Amongst the strangest questions (not frequently) that have been asked is: "I paid LESS for your product than I would have spent elsewhere, if I ship back your product can you give me a refund so I can spend MORE on an exact same product elsewhere?"

The answer is, of course, NO! If you, the customer, wish to spend MORE MONEY (of varying supply these days) elsewhere on the same products then go ahead. I/ Kletca Imperial Media won't stop you. However, except for *believable technical issues* (meaning "within reason") that KIMedia may have done, sales are "reasonably final". If you, the customer, went down to Burger King, Wal-Mart, or some other such place, and saved some money buy buying through them on a same product than you would have elsewhere, then you try and return the product for a refund saying "I spent too LITTLE MONEY on your same product", do you, the customer, really EXPECT that to work?

A question that might come up is "Does Kletca Imperial Media take Bitcoin/ Dogecoin, or some other 'virtual currency?". Due to varying problems with that, the answer is "Not yet." This may or may not be solved in the future, however it may be too complicated to be possible. Not saying "Never" at this time, just "Not at this time".

A frequently asked question is (or similiar enough anyway) is : "Hey, I (the customer) placed an order for one of (Kletca Imperial Media) products, and why isn't it being shipped out right away (or half- jokingly) 'or earlier'?"

1> It will take time for the customer's payment to arrive. Kletca Imperial Media does not ship before payment occurs. Flat simple, like if you were to shop at Fred Meyer, or Wal-Mart, Amazon, or some other shopping center (save for resturants), they will let you the customer put the items into your "cart", but they probably will have a "bad sense of humor" if/ when you try to leave the "store" with your purchases before you have honestly purchased them. KLetca Imperial Media shares this "bad sense of humor".

2>If you want a shoddy product that takes no time to package, and shoddy workmanship, and near worthless everything else, then you are perfectly free to shop elsewhere. Quality, not quantity, is the main standard of Kletca Imperial Media. It will not take all that long once payment has arrived to process the customers' order, if it will take longer KIMedia will inform the customer(s) of said (reasonable) delay.

3>There can be/ will be times of the year that KIMedia human operators might not be immediately available for a (brief) period of time. This does include Holiday Seasons, and it is quite likely that if your/ the customers' payment has not been processed (yet/ at that time), then the order(s) have a reason not to be processed, and it is also likely (then) that KIMedia will contact the customer, without said customer needing to get impatient with Kletca Imperial Media. Impatient and unruly customers need not shop here, nor will they need to be provided service at any later time should they prove their, for lack of a less "slanderous term", "impatient attitude". KIMedia will be reasonable in our contact as long as the customer remains as such, unruly customers probably won't be replied to, save for attempting to process their most "recnt order", and then (practically if not literally) being ignored onward.

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