KiiDion RPG Online

KiiDion Legacy One is a Multimedia Online Role-playing Game (currently under construction) that will showcase the following races and classes/Guilded Talents for people to chose from for their characters.

It is advisable when going out alone (solo play) for the first time (or close enough) to not wander off too far away from town) or any other civilization" before increasing in levels. Party/ Team alliances are also encouraged for wandering into the less "civilized" areas (and most of the time higher and harder monster populace) and/or into dungeons/ keeps/ castles/ etc. Having a well-balanced "team/ party" skill, level, etc. wise will also insure survival, at least MOST of the time.

(Please note that these are preliminary postings, the "end result" when the game is ready for release may be quite different from what is listed above and below).

Classes/ Careers:


Fighter: Standard bruiser/ basher. Can use most weapons, but not all. Cannot use magic, except for magical items or their technological equivalent (bracers). Typically fighters do not have to have much intelligence, but since the players CHARACTER'S intelligence, bravado, and etc. are more controlled by the PLAYER on the "other side of the screen" than where the game is taking place, this last point is an obsolete argument.

 Guilded Fighter (or Guilded Warrior): Similar to the above, Warriors are strong, brave, intelligent, and can use low-level magic of almost every type (to a limit as to yet be determined). Guilded Warriors (when called to service their Guild and/ or their Guild Master) MUST come to the appropriate aid, or they will face stringent demerits, including being busted back to Fighter rank and will lose all benefits gained while being a Warrior. If/ when said "demoted Fighter" obtains "Warrior status" again, any/ all benefits that one previously had before being demoted will have to be re-earned as well.

Thief: As well as being able to "steal" and run really fast, most thieves are able to detect and disarm traps laid by the "evil inside" (wherever the characters roam) Thieves work best in parties with other character s being other classes as well, for while the team/ party is being beat up upon by the monstrous minions, perhaps the Thief will be able to find a previously concealed escape route. Thieves are light of feet, intelligent, clever, and observant (again based upon the PLAYER more than the character).

 Guilded Thief (or Mercenary) Enhanced skill set of all the above, though with a few restrictions applied. Guilded Thieves do not rob from Guilded Assassins, and Guilded Assassins do not kill Guilded Thieves. (However, "Non-Guilded of one vs. Non-Guilded" of the other gets real interesting really quick, but typically  "Guilded members" of most any Guild (NON-Player capacity) do not come to the "rescue" of players that are not in their Guild.


Assassin: Able to sneak into fortresses, scale walls, become the shadows that they are hiding within, and a lot of other skills lie within Assassins. They are able to use a variety of light weaponry not able to be used by anyone else at most any time. Very rarely will beast, monster, minion, or even fellow player characters will be able to see an Assassin coming for them, although for that last part said "player-vs.-player combat" will only be allowed in properly designated (and highly labeled) areas of the world.

 Guilded Assassin: Enhanced skills of the above, with (as mentioned) Guilded Assassins do not kill thieves, while Guilded Thieves do not steal from Guilded Assassins.


Mage Classes. The following classes (listed below) are very specific types of magic users, and most of them don't (can't) carry much in the way of arms (weapons) or armor. Each _____ Mage "Guilded Equal" is "Guilded _____ Wizard", and each have "enhanced skill sets" of their non Guilded counterparts, with the tradeoff being that once a character becomes a Guilded Wizard of any sort, the ability to have (or switch to) an "opposing Mage class" will be rather difficult if even allowed at all.


White Mage: Healer, Protector, Friend to  most. White images can use very few weapons (of any type), and these are usually staves, clubs, mauls (hammers, basically), and the like. Their armor selections are limited in scope, but very rarely limited in defensive strength.

Black Mage:  Killer, Destroyer, Harmer, Doom, Death, and other Destruction - Bringer. Black Mages can use very (melee/ combat) weapons, and these include staves, clubs, brass (and other metallic) knuckles, (few types of) daggers. Their armor selection is also limited in scope, but very rarely limited in defensive strength or inherently reflective power.

Combat Mage: Can use magic and most melee combat weapons, armor. Is most often described as "the hardest class-type" to start from in the entire game. (Not for those who know how to do it correctly, mind you, but that's a whole different story). Usually described as a "jack-of-all-trades, master of none". Guilded Combat Wizards are "Jack of all trades, master/ teacher of all as well." Part of being a Guided Combat Wizard will involve helping out/ tutoring others in their same or similar pursuit, providing of course they are willing/ able to learn.

 (Note: All "Paladins" are "Guilded Combat Wizards", but not all Combat Wizards are "Paladins", aka "all poodles are dogs but not all dogs are poodles").


Nature Mage: Usually described as "No ordinary 'hedge wizard'". Nature Mages magic, heart, soul, mind, and body are intertwined into the planet that are on (with very few exception) When the celestial orb that they are on is healed or renewed, so then are the Nature Mages. When the planet is harmed, maimed, or etc., so then are the Nature Mages.

 Guilded Nature Wizards usually are obligated to keep nature in balance, even when those all around it are not. Nature Wizards can/ will make their living lending their magic’s to people, places, and things to do (almost) anything that the "client" would want, including making castles fly, lend wind to airship sails, provide fish for wayfarers at sea,, etc.

Syhne Mage: (Almost) anyone can use a "magical item" (or even a technological item), for it is not typically the user doing the "magic" or "tech effect", it is the item is question doing  the end run effect. Syhne Mages can use "magical items" (and or weaponry/ armor, etc.) at a higher efficiency than most "normal people", meaning the "magic effect" will last longer, be wider in scope, strength, and intensity. Syhne Mages can even use such material better, faster., more etc. than their fellow Mages (of differing types as listed above). Syhne Mages can/ will use technological items/ etc. at a lower ability than even "common people"

 Guilded Syhne Wizards can use "Technological Items/ Weapons, armor, etc." at a higher ability than most "common people" (than even those that have made the material in question), but at a tradeoff of being required to now use 'magical items/ weapons/ armor" at a lower  capability than even "common people" could use them, with the exception of "bracers", which while the "bracers" in question are technology then their effect will be "increased comparably", not "decreased".


Bard: Common Storyteller, both attacks and defends with the power of music. Can/ will inspire comrades into battle, or plays while a hasty retreat is ongoing.

 Guilded Minstrel: Can inspire the day into night, calm weather into a tempest of glory, can soothe the most savage of beasts into submission, all dependent upon the minstrel’s mood. Epic Storytellers are Minstrels, not "bards".


Ranged Bows-Person (either male or female): Great for Long -Range combat, but not good at close range. One supposes that a bow of most any type could be used as a blunt weapon, but usually that is not what they are for.

 Guilded Sharp-shooter: Nearly same as above, only has greater ability for long range attacks, but less ability at close range.

(The KiiDion Races Page contains the list so far of Prototype Races, to be featured shortly.)