Legends of Kletca (Reality)

Way back in 1992-93 (School Year for me), a small group of kids (well, teenagers anyway) were sitting down at a Bonanza, Oregon Pizza Hut having lunch when the casual conversations turned to what we would do when we were adults.

The most common answer (at the time) were that very few of us were worrying about that, for the way things were going it didn’t look like “adult” age/ status/ and etc was going to be achieved, let alone realized. (There are many reasons that the term “teenager” is a “double 4-letter word” ( 8 letters = 4 * 2) besides the mere count of things, very little of them polite, most of them accurate.)

Anyway, during the conversation one of them said that they were going to change their name to “Kantica Cox” and that gave me the ideas for “Kantica Gahn”, the “Kletca Empire”, as well as a lot of other things that were later developed.

Now, for some reason, the name “Kletca Warrior” is apparently known amongst the Scottish folk clan/ family of the Campbell lineage (no, not the “soup inventors” either). Apparently, back in the Middle Ages, he was not of their clan but known widely to them as if he were.

Details past the point he was “one of their own” (so to speak) to earn “Legendary status” are apparently not spoken much (or widely distributed) to “outsiders”, but at the least of it in the here-and-now in the current Campbell Clan they say that at least somebody (namely me) in Klamath Falls, OR has laid claim once again to the name/ legend/ etc of “Kletca Warrior”. Have no idea if it means much (or whatever) of anything these days (or even what it meant back then and there), but sometimes that is the way that it is, with no explanation given nor asked for.