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Kletca Warrior's Weekly (or whenever I feel like it anyway) Moment(s) of Zen:

June 9, 2013

"If one 'talks to the trees and they never listen", then is one really saying anything at all?

June 25, 2013

If the Video Game "Street Fighter" was really "Truth-in-advertising", then why isn't there more "pounding the pavement" sequences?

Nov. 8, 2013:

In the movie “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, if this is what happened in (an alternate timeline version) of the “regular Universe”, then what happened in the “even altered ‘Dark Mirror’ Universe”?

 Speaking of ST: Into Darkness:

(bad pun ahead)

Q: Where was Admiral Pike during the events of this movie?

A:  Easy, he was in the BEEEEEP Chair!

Stay tuned to this page (and many others) for future developments.

December 3, 2013:

Q: What does one call a Gardener in a Fantasy (or even Real) World?

A: An “Ordinary Hedge Wizard”.

If the name of the game is “Street Fighter”, then why is there only one bonus level that you (the player) spend “Fighting the Street”?

The Proper Term for a “Dungeon Master” (of “Dungeons and Dragons” and variations upon) should be “Game Master”, unless the whole of the game is spent in Dungeons, which wouldn’t make for a very interesting (nor fun) game.

Whether you are the Hero, Villain, or just a “random person” behind a door that you “THINK is locked”, and you are going to spend a VERY LONG TIME researching how to vaporize the door, at the VERY LEAST try and “Open the Door” to actually “find out first hand” that the door is indeed “locked”. Might save 10-20 minutes (or 400 years, depends upon WHO is counting, or “variations upon”.)

The phrase “Men/ Women/ and variations upon” might actually be more commonplace in the next few years. Saves time/ money/ and probably A LOT of “mindless lawsuits”.

April 14, 2014

If Smart Phones are so “smart”, then why aren’t they (the phones themselves) “rich”?

In the “Real World”, “Hell Hath No Fury like a woman scorned”. What then would (in Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld”, what would happen if you “scorned” the “Granddaughter of DEATH”? (The RULES do say that when you die, then DEATH does have to “take” you, however after that would be “tricky” at that point.)

On an unusually “personal Zen moment”: I have no idea what future my works will bring into the world .... until I get there anyway.


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