A huge “gaffe” about straight / strict “Creationism”:

“Strict Creationism” says that the world (and the Universe) was created not much more than 6,000 years ago. Automobiles/ Cars are powered by gasoline. Gasoline is the eventual by - product of “way underneath the ground dead dinosaur”. IF the dinosaurs are “the creatures that missed out on the ride on Noah’s Ark”, then their bones/ fossils/ etc would be ABOVE ground, not below. Also they would be mostly in one location in the world at ALL TIMES. Given the “fact” that there are oil fields (Oil Rigs) in Texas, USA; Saudi Arabia;  Alaska, USA; Siberia, RUSSIA; Japan, China, and even Antarctica, the “all in one place theory” falls apart.

In addition to the above, since “strict Creationism” has “man” arriving upon the Universe on the “Whole of Reality’s Day 1”, the Bible (and that which is used to “justify strict Creationism scientific research”, although “Creationists” will never say just WHAT nor WHERE their “research” happens to be, so it CANNOT be “Argued with”, nor even “debated”, like ALL ”pure, educated, well read, etc scientists happen to do ((not really)), has “Man” arriving upon the Universe on “day 6”, meaning “the Universe/ Creation” existed BEFORE “Man arrived” (not at the same time, but BEFORE), so which is the “truth”, those that know whom they are?

Are you saying that the word of yourselves is more correct than the Word of God? (Isn’t that a little ‘dangerous’/ forbidden at any/ all times?) I am not saying that I know better than you, I am merely asking do you know better than your ONE AND ONLY “scientific research material/ the Bible Itself”?


However, on the “other side of the extremist field” (aka “absolute and pure Atheism”), if the Goal of the “World Wide Church of Atheism” is to “leave a legacy of _____ sort behind them for future generations to enjoy/ inhabit”, if those “future generations” don’t exist YET, then how do “pure Atheists” intend on making sure that actually happens beyond their own “mortal body demise” (if even by Old Age/ Natural Causes? Once the “pure Atheists” die, then that’s it, no more Reality for them, NO “future”, no “legacy” CAN exist, let alone “even MAY exist”.

Also, if the “World Wide Church of Atheism” is so INTENT on being such, I would like to see them build their World Headquarters” directly in the “Valley of Armageddon” itself (which, yes, DOES EXIST, it’s supposed to be a “battle of”, a “Time Period of”, and a “Location of” that I am sure the “current whatever country owns it” will let the “Church of Atheism” set up/ build there, let alone ANYONE ELSE. so long as it isn’t whatever country’s administration owns it.)

What could be the harm, people? If there is NO GOD*, no Devil*, etc, then there should be NO PROBLEM building there, or is your “Rock Solid NON Belief” not all that “solid” and you don’t want to inhabit/ populate the area “just in case” that God, the Devil, and Etc does exist, and WHEN “Armageddon” does happen, you don’t want to be “caught in the crossfire””? If there is “never any problem with building your world Headquarters there”, then go for it. If there “could potentially be a WHEN there is a problem”, then I would surmise that perhaps being an Atheist is not for you, at least, not as an “absolute FACT” of yourself, let alone the “rest of Life, the Universe, and Everything Else”.


Perhaps all statements/ supposed theories on this page are incorrect, perhaps all are correct/ true. Perhaps they are all ‘equally valid’. Without a ‘more direct knowledge, how is one supposed to know?