Legends of Kletca (Fiction)

A long time before the founding of the Kletca Empire, the Earth (ours, or at least very close) was destroyed by the Mollivane Swarm. For many decades after our home was gone, the Mollivane pursued humanity across the stars, while we of Mankind sought help from anyone/ everyone else that we could meet.

We first met the Tautin, bug-eyed mostly hairless creatures that resembled certain “alien encounters” that Mankind had supposedly met in a little place called Roswell, New Mexico in June of 1947 (and has been the stuff of tabloid journals and the like since). They apparently had the same “tabloid stories” about them meeting Mankind as we did meeting them. They provided no assistance against the Mollivane.

The second “alien race” that we met were called the “Lynea”, living machines that didn’t care much for humanity until they learned just how proficient we humans were at repairing, maintaining, upgrading, and even building new generations of the Lynea. They provided shelter against the Mollivane, which retreated away from Mankind once they learned that we were allies of the Lynea.

Then we of Mankind had a “second chance” at survival. Instead of populating just one Home-world (like we in Reality do now), we spread ourselves out amongst the stars, just not those belonging to the Mollivane. One of these worlds, Heaith Prime along with its many moons, is the “home” to the Kletca Empire, the Kingdom of Nyden, and the Republic of Phantasical Nova.