Welcome to Techno-Fae Grove, where super science and fantasy meet! The year of our world is far past your own, and the location of our land is far beyond your reach (except for here, of course).


It is a land of discordant harmony, synthetic unity, and hybrid singularity.


The paths (pages) from here will be like a maze, so for fun (or whatever), feel free to take the tour. There is no cost (minimal glory) to take the whirl round, but at least it will help pass the time.





The Fae of Avalon feared the 21st Century. Mankind had provided itself able to dream our own dreams, and not be so dependent upon Faery Tales, flights of fancy, even dream our own dreams quite easily. Avalon and the creatures within had fallen out of myth, legend, and fantasy into obscurity. What to do, which to choose?


A1: If Avalon surrenders to the inevitable, click here:   A1


A2: If Avalon decides to embrace the Modern Era, click here: A2